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2011 Summer Institute Participant Evaluation

Participants' ratings and comments of the summer institutes

The summer institute participants' feedback indicated that everyone was very satisfied with every aspect of the workshop. Representative comments include:

o Everything was accessible and readily available from materials to food!
o I loved that everything connected directly to ideas I can use in my classroom! UA staff thought very carefully about who to invite as presenters.
o All the "Funds of Knowledge" that was presented by everyone. The idea of using parents/families "Funds of knowledge" as well.
o It's all about creating a positive relationship -- helping families, feel comfortable with me.
o Stories are one of the most powerful aspects of our curriculum. We will be working on our curriculum over the summer and this gave us lots of ideas and structure.
o I believe it is important to create a relationship w/ prospective teachers and model to them how to create these relationships w/ their own classes and families.
o Having this collaboration with the U of A is a wonderful opportunity for educators to come together as we are working toward the same goal. We are so lucky to have UCATs and student teachers come to us and have this "link".

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