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Professional Presentations

From “Learning about “ to “Learning with and from”
Renee Clift, Ana Christina da Silva Iddings, Kathy Short, Maria, V. Acevedo, Iliana Reyes, Donna Jurich, LRA Presentation, Jacksonville, Nov. 2011
From “Learning About” to “Learning From and With”
Renee Clift & Donna Jurich, ATE Presentation, San Antonio, TX, Feb. 2012
Preservice Teachers’ Perspectives on the Language and Literacy Development of Preschool English Language Learners
Iliana Reyes & Ana Christina da Silva Iddings, LRA 2012 Annual Convention, San Diego, CA
Connecting to Funds of Knowledge through Story: Family Story Backpacks
María Acevedo, Dorea Kleker, Kathy G. Short, LRA 2012, San Diego, CA
Networks of Practice
Building Family & Community Relationships
Funds of Knowledge & Story as Bases for Transforming Teacher Preparation
Renee T. Clift, Kimberly S. Reinhardt , Sheri Robbins -- A summary report on Years 1 & 2 of university based teacher educators’ and district administrators’ perceptions
Call for Proposals
“Imagine Possibilities for Early Childhood Teacher Education"
Children's Book Search