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Emily's Place Teacher's List
Author/Illustrator TItle
A. Brown Little Beauty
M. Pfister Rainbow Fish and the whale
H. Hartt-SUssman/G. Cöté Noni Says No
M. WIllems Knuffle Bunny
M. Cohen/R. Himler First Grade Takes a test
O. Jeffers Up and Down
O. Jeffers Lost and Found
J. Pinkney The Lion and the Mouse
A. O’Neill/L. Huliska-Beith The Recess Queen
S. Sherida/M. Chamberlain I’m Me!
L. Long Otis
K. Kimura/Y. Murakami 999 Tadpoles
R. Emberly/E. Emberly The Red Hen
M. Willem Knuffle Bunny Too
H. Stephens Fleabag
C. Thompson I Like you the Best
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