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Family Stories

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Short, 2011

Ackerman, K. (1990) Just Like Max, Ill. G. Schmidt, Knopf.

Arnold, D. M.  (1998) The Chicken Salad Club, Ill. J. Downing, Dial

Bahr, M. (1992) The Memory Box, Ill. D. Cunningham, Albert Whitman.

Best, C. (1999) Three Cheers for Catherine the Great! Ill. G. Potter, DK Ink.

Blumenthal, D. (2001) Aunt Claire’s Yellow Beehive Hair, Ill. M. Grandpre, Dial.

Bornstein, R.L. (1990) A Beautiful Seashell, Harper & Row.

Bradby, M. (2000) Momma, Where Are You From? Ill C.K. Soentpiet, Orchard.

Brisson, P. (1998) The Summer My Father Was Ten, Ill. A. Shine, Boyds Mills.

Cech, J. (1991) My Grandmother’s Journey, Ill. S. McGinley-Nally, Bradbury.

Cha, D. (1996) Dia’s Story Cloth, Stitched C.& N.T. Cha, Lee & Low.

Cohan, R. (1994) My Dad’s Baseball, Lothrop, Lee & Shepard.

Curtis, J.L. (1993) When I Was Little, Ill. L. Cornell, HarperCollins.

Delgado, M.I. (1996) Chave’s Memories/Los recuerdos de Chave, Ill. Y. Symank, Piñata.

Ekoomiak, N. (1988) Arctic Memories, Henry Holt.

Fair, S. (1982) The Bedspread, William Morrow.

Fleischman, P. (2000) Lost!, Ill. C.B. Mordan, Henry Holt.

Garland, S. (1998) My Father’s Boat, Ill. T. Rand, Scholastic.

Garza, C.L. (1990) Family Pictures/Cuardos de familia, Children’s Book Press.

Garza, C.L. (1996) In My Family/En mi familia, Children’s Book Press.

Graham, B. (1992) Greetings from Sandy Beach, A Cranky Nell.

Hall, D. (1997) The Milkman’s Boy, Ill. G. Shed, Walker.

Hamanaka, S. (2003) Grandparents Song, HarperCollins.

Harrison, T. (1999) The Memory Horse, Ill. E. Fernandes, Tundra.

Havill, J. (1992) Treasure Nap, Ill. E. Savadier, Houghton Mifflin.

Hest, A. (1990) The Ring and the Window Seat, Ill. D. Haeffele, Scholastic.

Hickcox, R. (1998) Great-Grandmother’s Treasure, Ill. D. Soman, Dial.

Hippely, H.H. (1996) A Song for Lena, Ill. L. Baker, Simon & Schuster.

Howard, E.F. (1991) Aunt Flossie’s Hats (and Crab Cakes Later), Ill. J. Ransome, Clarion.

Johnson, A. (1989) Tell Me a Story, Mama, Ill. D. Soman, Orchard.

Jones, J. (1999) Tambourine Moon, Ill. T. Widener, Simon & Schuster.

Ketteman, H. (1998) I Remember Papa, Ill. G. Shed, Dial.

Laminack, L. (2004) Saturdays and Teacakes, Ill. C. Soentipiet, Peachtree.

Levinson, R. (1985) Watch the Stars Come Out, Ill. D. Goode, Dutton.

McDonald, M. (1997) Tundra Mouse, Ill. S.D. Schindler, Orchard.

McElligott, M. (1996) The Truth about Cousin Ernie’s Head, Simon and Schuster.

McKay, L., Jr. (1998) Journey Home, Ill. D. & K. Lee, Lee & Low.

McLerran, A. (1991) Roxaboxen, Ill. B. Cooney, Scholastic.

Molnar-Fenton, S. (1998) An Mei’s Strange and Wondrous Journey, Ill. V. Flesher, DK Ink.

Nobisso, J. (1990) Grandma’s Scrapbook, Ill. M. Hyde, Green Tiger.

Oberman, S. (1994) The Always Prayer Shawl, Ill. T. Lewin, Boyds Mills.

Polacco, P. (1988) The Keeping Quilt, Simon & Schuster.

Pomerantz, C. (1989) The Chalk Doll, Ill. F. Lessac, J.B. Lippincott.

Rochelle, B. (1998) Jewels, Ill. C. Van Wright & Y.H. Hu, Dutton.

Rogers, P. (1987) From Me to You, Ill. J. Johnson, Orchard.

Russo, M. (1991) A Visit to Oma, Greenwillow.

Rylant, C. (1987) Birthday Presents, Ill. S. Stevenson, The Trumpet Club.

Schwartz, H.B. (1996) When Artie Was Little, Ill. T.B. Allen, Knopf.

Scott, A.H. (1990) Grandmother’s Chair, Ill. M.K. Aubrey, Clarion.

Shannon, G. (1997) This Is the Bird, Houghton Mifflin.

Shea, P.D. (1995) The Whispering Cloth, Ill. A. Riggio, Stitched Y. Yang, Boyds Mills.

Smucker, A.E. (1989) No Star Nights, Ill. S. Johnson, Dragonfly.

Stevenson, J. (1996) I Meant to Tell You, Greenwillow.

Stolz, M. (1988) Storm in the Night, Ill. P. Cummings, Harper & Row.

Waddell, M. (1990) Grandma’s Bill, Ill. J. Johnson, Orchard.

Watts, J.H. (1997) Keeper, Ill. F. Marshall, Lee & Low.

Wong, J.S. (2000) The Trip Back Home, Ill. B. Jia, Harcourt.

Woodson, J. (2005).  Show Way.  Ill. H. Talbott. Putnam.

Yolen, J. (1994) Grandad Bill’s Song, Ill. M.B. Mathis, Philomel.

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